JT at Beatnik Bandido, August 23

I will be performing at Beatnik Bandido Music Emporium, 417 N. Broadway, Santa Ana, 92701, on Wednesday, August 23 at 9:30. Jeff West and the Witwoods at 8 PM. They sound great. They have fine original songs and last time they did a Buffalo Springfield tune and somebody had an electric 12-string. I myself will be singing and playing guitar, banjo, and tenor saxophone. With Gregory Boaz on bass and Steve Mugalian on drums. My banjo/history/whatever it is record, The Sun Never Went Down, is nearing release, and we will do songs from that record and even newer stuff. $10. No drink license but if you popped a beer I don’t think anyone would care. It’s a record/vintage item store by day.

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